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Inclusive Circus

Cirque Plus makes substantial effort in offering programming, creation and development opportunities for people with disabilities. As a result, we occupy a unique position within the circus landscape in Belgium.

Behind the scenes, we are developing a process for people with disabilities to discover and train their circus talents. This is in preparation for the creation of professional circus performances with people with disabilities. These performances will have an equal place at our festival and we are also seeking opportunities to share them beyond the festival. We are collaborating with circus studio Woesh, Perplx, Het Scheldeoffensief and individual circus artists. We are also providing a stage for professional domestic and foreign creations with people with disabilities.


In this documentary, we dive into the creation process for two circus acts created for Cirque Plus 2022.

If you would like to know more about previous processes or are interested in our current operation, please contact

Committing to an inclusive circus does not just mean focusing on people with disabilities. We have regard for any form of social exclusion by engaging in dialogue about it with the circus world and our social partners, by critically questioning our own accessibility and portrayal every year, and by seeking out high-quality circus performances that deviate from the norm in their portrayal and/or themes.