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Inclusive Circus

By focusing fully on programming, creation and development opportunities for people with disabilities, Cirque Plus is a pioneer and occupies a unique position within the circus landscape.

In recent years, we developed short-term programmes where people with disabilities could develop and train their circus talents. This resulted in performances and acts with people with and without disabilities that were presented during the festival. Performances that were given an equal place at our festival and for which we sought spreading opportunities. We collaborated with circus studio Woesh, Het Scheldeoffensief and individual circus artists.

We still offer a stage to professional domestic and foreign creations with people with disabilities. But in creating our own performances with people with disabilities, we now go one step further: ATELIER PARADE.


In 2022, we made a short documentary about the creation process where 1 circus artist teamed up with 1 person with a disability to create a short circus act for our circus festival. Enjoy 1+1=many here

Committing to inclusive circus does not only mean paying attention to people with disabilities. We pay attention to every form of social exclusion by entering into a dialogue about this with the circus world and our social partners, by critically questioning our own accessibility and image each year and by looking for quality circus performances that deviate from the norm in their image and/or themes.

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