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About Cirque Plus

Cirque Plus is an annual, free, multi-day circus festival that takes place in the green surroundings of the Grootseminarie in the centre of Bruges. There, you will be introduced to the best of what outdoor circus has to offer today. Over 12,000 visitors and more than 30 companies from home and abroad will meet up there.

The programme features seasoned circus artists and companies from all over, but focuses on new or recent work from promising young (Flemish and Belgian) artists. For many participants Cirque Plus also serves as a springboard to further careers.

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Three pillars

Cirque Plus rests upon three pillars: it is an outdoor festival because we believe that artistic work outside theatre walls can lower barriers and connect diverse audiences. Cirque Plus aims to highlight the power and beauty of this connecting value.

Under the title of Cirque Numerique, Cirque Plus also provides an opportunity for circus artists who do not yet have a fully completed show under their belt. We provide a stage to introduce them to you by showing what they have worked hard on.

Circus is a way of creating opportunities, questioning ways of thinking and representing. As an inclusive circus festival, we provide a platform for people with disabilities to explore new artistic avenues.

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Our partners

Together with Cultuurcentrum Brugge, cultural centre of Bruges, we are working on a high-quality and complementary circus offering in Bruges. During Cirque Plus, the Cultural Centre will present one or more performances that didn’t immediately find a spot in their seasonal offerings, but that have earned the attention of an interested festival audience.

A week prior to Cirque Plus, Uitwijken will present a circus performance in six districts in Bruges. In this way, Cirque Plus is reaching out to residents who would not immediately head along to the festival. In addition, House of Time will be offering try-out or creation spots for circus performers.

Sustainable festival

Cirque Plus is not only committed to connection and diversity. We also dedicated to improving our sustainability. This translates, among other things, into vegetarian and local catering offerings, a strict waste policy, etc.

Learn more about our sustainability policy here.


We are joining forces with the non-profit organisations Viro and Oranje to make the festival as digitally and physically accessible as possible. If you have a specific question about accessibility, please e-mail or contact us on 050 44 20 02.

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Network for outdoor circus

Along with Miramiro and CIRK! Aalst, Cirque Plus has been taking a leading role in building CIRC'UIT, a network for outdoor circus, since 2020. CIRC'UIT is a growing network of circus partners who, each through their own mission or expertise, encourage the creation of acts and performances outdoors: with venues, co-production budget, artistic coaching, promotional support, etc. The other partners in this growing network are: UP – Circus & Performing Arts (Brussels), Plein de Cirque festival (De Warande, Turnhout), Festival international des Arts de la rue Chassepierre, Circus Workshop Dommelhof (Neerpelt) and Latitude 50, Centre for circus, street and performing arts (Marchin). CIRC'UIT has therefore grown into a genuine Belgian network with partners from Brussels, 5 from Flanders and 2 in Wallonia. CIRC'UIT is founded with the support of Flanders


Cirque Plus is an initiative by the non-profit organisation Brugge Plus with the support of Flanders and the City of Bruges. In collaboration with Cultuurcentrum Brugge (Cultural Centre) and Circusatelier Woesh. With thanks to Major Seminary Bruges - Grootseminarie Brugge, Mintus Bruges, De Nieuwe Notelaar and WZC Ter Potterie.

Cirque Plus is a member of CIRC'UIT, Network for Outdoor Circus and Circostrada, European Network for contemporary circus and outdoor arts.