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Open call Atelier Parade

From October 2024, the new circus theatre school for people with disabilities will start in Bruges.


The course will start in October 2024.
You will have classes every 2 weeks from 10am to 4pm on a fixed day of the week. The exact dates will be fixed soon.
You will bring your own lunch at noon.


Circus studio Woesh, Damse Vaart-Zuid 39, Sint-Kruis (Bruges)


You will be taught half a day of theatre techniques and half a day of circus techniques by professional circus and theatre teachers.
Theatre that includes improvisation, facial expressions, playing together,...
Circus which includes juggling, diabolo, balance, acrobatics, clowning....

Who is it for?

We are looking for (young) adults from 16 years old with physical and/or mental disabilities who have talent, perseverance and a network to support them during the training.

Participants come to our training independently. If there is a personal tutor, we are happy to discuss his/her role during the training.


The training costs € 200 per year. By mutual agreement, payment can be made in instalments.

Registration or questions?

Are you interested? We would like to invite you first for an introductory moment of about 45 min.

Make an appointment for an introductory moment on 11 or 14 March 2024 by emailing or calling An Van den Bergh (Het Scheldeoffensief). We will talk to each other and do some playful exercises. After this moment, we will decide whether you can proceed to the three-day trial workshop on 3, 4 and 5 April 2024.

After this, a final decision will be made on who can start the course in October.

Contact details:

An Van den Bergh (Het Scheldeoffensief)


0474 64 98 03

The training is run by Cirque Plus, theatre company Het Scheldeoffensief and circus studio Woesh and is realised with the support of Flanders and Stad Brugge.