Sien Vanacker C Boris Conte
Sien Vanacker C Boris Conte
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Sien Van Acker


Friday 14:15

Friday 17:05

duration: 13 min.

access: free without reservation

location: playground 3

Cirque Numerique

A tightrope walker walks back and forth on a cable. Sounds familiar, you think. Only this queen constantly changes costume and style. She scrolls through her various images to hide herself. Or does this just show who she really is? Enter the tragi-comic world of a pop star dressed in stuffed toys, a singer with an offbeat tone.

Sien Van Acker grew up in Leuven and studied at Le Lido, the circus high school in Toulouse. Her main discipline is tightrope walking combined with clowning. She designs her own costumes, which are a prominent part of her work.

You can find more information about Cirque Numerique here.


tightrope dance (tightwire)


Sien Van Acker (BE)



Artistic collaboration 

  • graduation act from Esacto'Lido (Toulouse)


Etincelles de Culture (Wallis, CH)


continued work on the act (and on the longer version) together with Ell Circo d'Ell Fuego

Instagram : @sien.vanacker