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Cie Faisca

Precisely lost

Saturday 15:45

Saturday 18:40

duration: 12 min

access: free, no reservation

location: 1

Cirque Numerique

Can we get to know someone using a circus technique? In this act, two characters come together on stage each with their technique, rou cyr and balance ladder. A bit lost, they seek contact. This leads to sometimes comical situations where they try to rearrange the space around them in the hope of finding not only each other but also themselves. Their bodies also have to engage/interact/communicate with the circus materials. Will this repeated questioning of space, body and each other lead to anything, friendship perhaps?

Discipline(s): Rou Cyr and balance ladder

Nationality(ies):  FI/IT

Creation: 2022

Artists:  Aapo Honkanen en Daniele Ippolito

Artistic collaboration: Two artists are studying at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC).