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Harvey Cobb Photographer Charlotte Hofer 1

Harvey Cobb

Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet

Thursday 21:30

duration: 45 - 60 mns

access: gratis met reservatie

location: 7

5 mns

The first full length piece of Harvey Cobb. A circus, comedy, theatre show featuring Harvey’s signature blend of silly stand-up, sincerity and an abundance of Pink Boots. It will have you laughing, crying, and questioning whether everything is going terribly wrong or exactly to plan.

(this show is still work in progress and English spoken)

The online reservations for this show is closed. Only tickets available at Thursday July 20 from 18.30 PM at the information desk.

Ticket reservation

juggling, comedy


Harvey Cobb

Artistic collaboration
‘outside eye’ Pepijn Ronaldo

Headless Produc3ons

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Peplx, Circusstad Fes3val, TENT, Cirklabo, De Grote Post