RQTC Jean Lefranc 1

Compagnie de cirque RQTC

“Piece of Shit”

Friday 14:00

Friday 16:50

duration: 14 min.

access: free without reservation

location: playground 6

Cirque Numerique

Creativity arises from limitation. One unbreakable rule ensures that this trapeze act will be one you have never seen before. A chair, a stick and a toy car are used to test the limits of the act.

Also from the Lido's stable is Barbara Ford from Argentina. She discovered circus when she was 17 and has not descended from the trapeze since. And as it sometimes goes with circus, she left her homeland to take her chances in Europe.

You can find more information about Cirque Numerique here.


Fixed trapeze


Barbara Ford (Argentinië)