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Andrea Gonzalez


Friday 14:35

Friday 17:24

duration: 8 min.

access: free without reservation

location: playground 6

Cirque Numerique

Imagine this: One day you wake up and can start again, from scratch. One day where everything we ever dreamed of is possible. Step into this extraordinary trip from sunrise to sunset.

This poetic aerial straps act is inspired by the Belgian sky, dreams and the Aztec smoke mirror among other things. The mirror is made of volcanic glass, with the smoke referring to struggle and sacrifice in Aztec culture.

Andrea Gonzalez graduated from ESAC in 2021. Since then, she has played with Cie Soif Totale and Cie Shayla. Now she is venturing solo.

You can find more information about Cirque Numerique here.


Aerial Straps Loop


Andrea Gonzalez (MX)



Artistic collaboration 

  • created by: andrea gonzalez
  • external view : Anthony Weiss,
  • music: Lucas Pierredon

Residencies, workplaces

ESAC, UP Circus & Performing arts

Facebook : @andreagnzv

Instagram :