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Woesh1 kerkstraat 24b
Woesh2 Kerkestraat 24b

Circusatelier Woesh

Kerkstraat 24b

Saturday 15:00

duration: 35 mns

access: free, with reservation

location: WZC ter Potterie

10 mns

Last year there was a try-out of "Den Draad" (“the thread”) at our festival. A year later and a lot of hard work resulted in a new performance. Will this be the premiere, or an exclusive performance? Residents of the residential care home Ter Potterie, family members and audiences of Cirque Plus join in for a unique experience.

Circus school Woesh is not on its trial run at Cirque Plus. In previous years, audiences could taste unique creations with different target groups. Think of the tightrope walk performance with asylum seekers or the juggling performance with people with and without disabilities. Every year they take up the challenge. Every year, they make the impossible possible.

Ticket reservation


theater / multicircus


Linsey, Kathleen, Lieven, Geertrui, Mathias, Jonas, Max, Sue & Elsie

Artistic collaboration
Niels Reynaert / Rudi Michiel Coine

Vlaamse Overheid, Zonta Damme

Circusatelier Woesh

Residencies, workspaces
Circuswerkplaats Perplx / Circuscentrum / Dommelhof Neerpelt