Joren De Cooman


Friday 15:00

Friday 17:15

Saturday 15:00

Saturday 17:15

Sunday 15:00

Sunday 17:15

duration: 50 min.

access: free with reservation

location: playground 14

In Web, Joren De Cooman works with his audience to find a way to turn a pile of cords into a new circus object. What is possible is literally in your hands. Using circus to connect, Web tries to explore feelings like trusting each other, pushing boundaries together, exposing yourself and dealing with pressure from others, with the audience. Who dares to crawl across Web themselves?


Participatory performance, acro, choreography


Joren De Cooman (BE), Kwinten Mordijck (BE)



Artistic collaboration 

  • Muziek: Kwinten Mordijck
  • Concept en performer: Joren De Cooman
  • Artistiek Advies: Ilon Lodewijks En Toon Van Gramberen
  • Technisch Advies: Dennis Weckhuyzen


Stad Leuven, De Vlaamse Overheid


Miramiro, Theater Op De Markt En Cirklabo

Residencies, workplaces

GC De Kroon, Circus Zonder Handen, Circus In Beweging, Brugge Plus & Circus Atelier Woesh



Instagram: jorendecooman