Lido 7 fevrier 2024 DNSP3 Crozes Karine 9808

Black Brick

The Greatest Show On The Planet

Friday 14:58

Friday 17:50

duration: 7 min.

access: free without reservation

location: playground 3

Cirque Numerique

Juggling to become famous. Training for hours and hours to receive your applause, to win your heart. That's what an artist lives for. Or does he?

This Spaniard taught himself to juggle, but decided to take classes at the Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo in Portugal in 2019 anyway. He got a taste for it as he graduated from the Lido in June. Just out of school, he walks straight onto the stage here.

You can find more information about Cirque Numerique here.




Fernando Rosell Romo (ES)



Artistic collaboration 

  • Support in creation by Dominique Hazoubit and Benjamin De Matteis, as part of the creation of the graduation act at L'ESACTO'Lido.


Etincelles de Culture (Wallis, CH)



Residencies, workplaces 

Lido, CIRCA (Auch) en la maison de quartier amouroux in Toulouse