Ball Pit



Friday 14:30

Friday 17:30

Saturday 14:30

Saturday 17:30

Sunday 14:30

Sunday 17:30

duration: 50 min.

access: €6 | €10 | €1,20

location: playground 11

How do you rediscover the child in yourself? By playing with imagination and creativity with your toys from the past. Throw in two circus performers and you get an absurd performance where nobody stays in their seats.

Jam Shenanigans is a fresh and playful juggling duo that met while studying at the circus college in Rotterdam. In this interactive performance, the performers share their own childhood dreams in the hope of inspiring young and old to always step through life imaginatively.




Batist Van Baekel (BE) and Henri Kangas (FIN)



Artistic collaboration

  • Play: Henri Kangas (FIN) & Batist Van Baekel (BE)
  • Lighting design: Batist Van Baekel and Jaako Sireinen
  • Music: Jago Moons
  • Coaching: Sander De Cuyper, Michaell Zandl and Aurelia Brailowsky
  • Pictures: Wieba Photography


MAD-Festival (BE), Tent (NL), Kozo (NL), Taiteen Edistämiskeskus (FIN)


Miramiro (Gent, BE), CIRC'UIT (BE), CIRKLABO (Leuven, BE), Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof (Neerpelt, BE)

Residencies, workplaces 

UP - Circus & Performing Arts (Brussel, BE), deRUIMTE (Leuven, BE), Tent (Amsterdam, NL), Panama pictures ('s Hertogenbosch, NL), Latitude 50 (Marchin, BE)


Facebook: Jam.Shenanigans

Instagram: Jam.Shenanigans