TeaTime Company


Friday 16:15

duration: 35 min.

access: free without reservation

location: playground 2

The 'ripple effect' indicates the impact and consequences of the choices we make. Just as natural forces cause ripples in water, our choices cause ripples in our relationships, thoughts and experiences.

Using a giant spiral structure, three artists explore themes of balance, influence, power, flow and friction. The spiral allows them to push their boundaries and create their own world, where a leap in time can be suspended and a fall can seem endless.


Dance, acrobatics, sculpture, object manipulation


Róisín Harten (IE), Fenja Barteldres (DE) Bavo De Smedt (BE)



Artistic collaboration 

  • Dramaturgy: Lou Cope
  • Sculpture: Willy Cauwelier | La Chose
  • Videography: Maarten Rutten
  • Photography: Hans takes a picture
  • Music: Bastian Benjamin
  • Light & Technique: Casper Van Overschee


Fonds Podiumkunsten | Nieuwe Makersregeling, Makersfonds Tilburg, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof

Residencies, workplaces 

Panama Pictures, UP Circus & Performing arts, CIRC’uit netwerk, podium Bloos, Circolito VZW, Theater het Badhuis Nijmegen