Sitting Duck

La Dyane

Friday 15:15

duration: 50 min.

access: free without reservation

location: playground 4

Three travelling companions with a broken-down old car get stranded at Cirque Plus. A six-meter ladder on the roof of a car must bring help. Or not?

Sitting Duck is a Belgian company that already performed at Cirque Plus in 2022 with Chiringuito Paradise. For this new show, the company is expanding by including two circus performers and a musician. No cocktails in the blazing sun, but a broken-down car with a six-meter ladder on the roof. Fortunately, humor and slapstick are back in the mix.


Street theater - Clown - Burlesque - Absurd


Gonzalo Alarcón (Chili (CL)/Italië (IT)), Andrea Bettaglio (Italië/IT), Nicolò Antioco Ximenes (Italië/IT) ; Britt Tack (België/BE) -geluidstechnicus



Artistic collaboration 

  • By and with : Gonzalo Alarcón, Andrea Bettaglio & Nicoló Antioco Ximenes
  • Directed by : Christine Rossignol-Dallaire
  • Musical composition and sound environment : Marije Nie & Matthias Hoste


Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ; Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre-Danse


Cultureel Centrum Waals Brabant CCBW

Residencies, workplaces 

Cultureel Centrum van de Rue CAR - Stad Ath, UP - Circus & Podiumkunsten, La Roseraie, Cultureel Centrum René Magritte