24 — 26
JULY 2020

> Great Seminary Gardens, Bruges
> Entrance via the Peterseliestraat, opposite Leestenburg
> The garden opens at 1:30 p.m. - Performances from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Humour, acrobatics, spectacle,…

Free open air circus festival

Once a year, the gates of the Great Seminary in Bruges open to host the free circus festival Cirque Plus. Both local and international artists will spend three days in the most welcoming garden in Bruges, performing top-notch circus acts. Humour, acrobatics, spectacle, emotion and a cosy atmosphere are the main themes of this festival. Brugge Plus vzw, the non-profit organisation hosting the event, has two special tricks up its sleeve this year: a creative platform for young international circus talent, and social circus.

Programme 2019

Circus Zonder Handen - BXL Composé . . .

Circus Zonder Handen is Brussels' social and inclusive circus school. We believe in #circusforeveryone and want to be a place where everyone is welcome, whatever their talents or limitations and regardless of origin, religion, age or gender. We have brought together the crème de la crème of Circus Zonder Handen to create BXL Composé. The youth of Brussels present the public with superb urban circus acts.

TeaTime Company: Stick-Stok . . .

Stick-Stok is an ode to modern society. We built these sticks to jump higher, to propel ourselves further, to move faster. Now we cannot stop them, we try and we fail. We adapt to them and use them to our advantage but in the end perhaps they are just using us.

Bert Vanden Berghe: A Sensitive Case . . .

This show is a mix of mousetraps, handstands, enclosure, dance and challenges. It is an exploration that provokes and limits the artist in his own game. The audience participates actively with ‘fixing’ and ‘releasing’ this show. This game played together makes you feel playfulness & consequences, catching & (not) getting caught and the instinct of the animals we are.

Circo no Ato: A Salto Alto . . .

Friday and Sunday
“A Salto Alto” tells the story of seven people who, having accessed another way of living, undress themselves from their own experiences to dress up another reality. The performance unfolds from this tension between a formal and refined environment and characters that carry in their essence the irreverence of a person who wants to reinvent and resignify life each and every moment. “A Salto Alto” desecrates Cinderella’s classic fable, having as main critique the consumerism of our society.

Mardulier en Deprez: Eiland . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
A simple wooden board, floating on a sea of colourful balloons. Two persons venture onto this island and bring the heat. The materials are challenged, their bodies try to find the way.

Be Flat: Follow me . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
This pair of "urban acrobats" invite you along to discover Bruges in a unique way. The streets are transformed into a stage with the façades as scenery, the cobblestones as a dance floor and the traffic as a soundscape.

Mobil&Casier: B.V. Natuur . . .

Friday and Saturday
Does the natural world seem a little too remote? Fear not! B.V. Natuur are coming to the rescue! Painful slapstick, awkward interactions and a dance during the tea break. Nature with clean hands, nice and easy, and with little risk of extinction.

Joren De Cooman: Alleen . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Stick-Stok is an ode to modern society. We built these sticks to jump higher, to propel ourselves further, to move faster. Now we cannot stop them, we try and we fail. We adapt to them and use them to our advantage but in the end perhaps they are just using us.

MOVEDBYMATTER/Kasper Vandenberghe: Calculated Risk . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
"A man climbs a mountain as if he is walking on a rope stretched between two mountaintops. With a cloud of smoke tied to his back. As if he believes he is made of smoke himself, so light. He believes the cloud of smoke makes him lighter. He believes belief can move mountains and that he can fall upwards." (Peter Verhelst)

Calculated Risk by equilibrium artist Kasper Vandenberghe is composed of three intimately entwined parts: The Ritual, The Installation, and The Story. During Cirque Plus, one can only see The Ritual. The course, then, becomes a poetic quest for how much vulnerability we allow ourselves today, in a Western world that passionately believes in the perfectibility of humankind and society. However, how could we perceive vulnerability as strength? And, simultaneously, how do we withstand the gusts of wind and rain of life? In Calculated Risk, Vandenberghe dances on the flaccid tightrope between two profoundly human desires: the desire for balance and the desire for a bottomless leap into the unknown. In The Ritual he climbs a scaffold, dressed in a harness of mattress stuffing and bubble wrap, only to let himself fall like a stone from a height of exactly four meters and twenty centimetres. It is calculated recklessness. It is an ode to the fragility and exceptional resilience that the creating artist relates to a playing child. Moreover, every step of the ritual is accompanied by a text by Peter Verhelst.

Mauvais Coton: Culbuto . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
A man who acknowledges his limitations, who continually seeks out stimulation. With heart and soul, and with the elements. In 360°. For the amusement of young and old. Swaying to and fro, celebrating the moment. This circus act features the Culbuto, a unique, chronically instable "wibble-wobble" tumbling pole. One thing is certain: everything is in perpetual motion.

Cie Scratch: SPLIT . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
This is the story of a wall, which divides, protects and disturbs. It splits the public in two. At the beginning, choose your side. You might get to see 6 jugglers with balls and velcro. Then again, you might miss an acrobatic dog or a wonderful birthday party. In any case, you choose to take part in a ninja attack and a ceremony for the fall of the last mammoths.

Balbàl Company: Ningunapalabra . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
High above us the acrobats take centre stage, the departure point for their voyage of imagination. They bring us stories from everyday life, full of shifting emotions, feelings of freedom and flight, with a rush of adrenaline. They share their world and their viewpoint with us via the trapeze, in a laboratory composed of suspended bodies.

La Burrasca: Accordées (working title) . . .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Around a crane, four women slowly become even more animalistic than the scrap metal beast they ride. The crane takes away their grace and elegance, but offers in exchange its brutality, its power and its tenacity. The steel gradually transforms into a light and delicate muse, while the three women "workers" reveal their fierce and feral nature.

HANDS some Feet: Hands some Feet . . .

Hands some Feet is a dynamic and fresh contemporary circus show, combining playfulness with a mastery of juggling and tightrope walking. This is complemented by innovative acrobatics, physical theatre, skipping ropes and live music with unique instruments from Australia and Finland. The inspiration for the show comes from a special word that can only be found in Finnish: Hepuli. This refers to an explosion of negative or positive emotions that even the most civilised great apes can’t handle.

Marta & Kim: Engel (stand in for Familiar Faces) . . .

Saturday and Sunday
What is consciousness? When a thought comes to mind, where does it come from? We have many ways of sensing the world around us. Still we find it hard to deal with the things we cannot capture in words. Perhaps fearing the chaos of the incomprehensible. Circus artist Marta Alstadsæter and dancer Kim-Jomi Fischer meet between their genres in a physical duet about this continuous inner struggle. Proposing to face questions without giving answers, they invite you to make peace with the things that are hard to explain. And to embrace the many sides of being human. The outdoors version of ENGEL is extracted from the original 50 min performance.

Nicanor de Elia: Copyleft . . .

Saturday and Sunday
Copyleft is a juggling whirlwind. They combine physical energy with skilful juggling, in constant interaction with the music. A mixture of circus and modern dance, this performance explores the concept of listening in a group and the relationship of the individual to the group. Such considerations also play a role in the world of sports. So this performance also takes the form of a sporting competition with a set of rules, yet the interpretation of these rules remains free and improvised. The result? Massive organised chaos!

By Heart . . .

Saturday and Sunday
Five promising young artists from Belgium, Germany, France and Brazil combine their circus skills and show themselves at their best. Apart from their professional circus training, they have one more thing in common: their director. Gab Bondewel lives and breathes circus. He is a teacher, a creator and a performer. Gab guides the young performers along an intensive path in a performance specially created for the Uitwijken Circustoer and Cirque Plus. Curious about what new circus talent we’ll be sending off into the world?