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Hands Some Feet


Friday 15:15

Friday 18:15

Saturday 15:15

Saturday 18:15

Sunday 15:15

Sunday 18:15

duration: 45 min

access: gratis met reservatie

location: Nieuwe Notelaar 13

10 min

In KÄPÄLIN ("by hand" in Finnish), Jeromy Nuuk combines his main professions of furniture maker and circus performer. Using a lathe, he makes juggling balls out of wood and discovers that everything in his "workshop" can be used to fuel his tendency to throw everything into the air (and catch it again). A gritty and enchanting performance that captures the true essence of a crafts person's blood, sweat and tears, with beautiful musical compositions inspired by wood.

FI/AU (Finland/Australia)

juggling + wood


Jeromy Nuuk

Artistic collaboration

  • Concept: Jeromy Nuuk & Liisa Nuuk
  • Performance: Jeromy Nuuk
  • Direction: Liisa Nuuk
  • Outside eye : Vincent Bruyninckx & Adam Opus
  • Juggling outside eye: Luis Sartori Do Vale

Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Pro Helvetia-Swiss Arts Council

Hands Some Feet

Coproduction/ Residencies
Station Circus, UP-Circus& Performing Arts, La Roseraie-Espace Cré-Action, CentreCulturel d’Engis.