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Soon Circus Compagnie


Friday 17:00

Saturday 17:00

Sunday 19:00

duration: 50 min

access: free, no reservation

location: 5

Inspired by their own friendship and experiences, the two performers have created a contemporary circus gem bursting with charm, energy and sparkling humour. A stunning anti-heroic study of the human side of sport. With absolutely superlative physics, spectacular scenarios and witty sneers, they challenge human nature and give an insight into ourselves.

Artist(s): Nilas Kronlid, Manel Rosés

Discipline(s): Teeterboard (bascule), Chinese pole, acrobatics and comedy

Creation: 2018

Artistic collaboration

  • Concept: Soon Circus Company (Nilas Kronlid and Manel Rosés)
  • Outside eye: Joan Català and Angela Wand.
  • Music: Albert Oliveres
  • Props: Ulrich Weissel
  • Costumes: Nanouk Films and Soon Circus Company

Grantees: OSIC (Oficina de suport a la Inicitaiva Cultural)

Residencies, workshops, co-production: Subtopia, La central del circ, Konstnärsnämnden, , Ateneu 9 barris, L’Estruch de Sabadell, Festival Trapezi Reus.